Burgundy Polka Dots


I had this master plan, that I would come home from work, to run, shower, eat, and write this post. Instead I locked myself out of the house after running out in a hurry. So I stayed outside, panicked, and feeling like a complete ding bat. Chloe and Grace just stared at me dumbfounded and questioning the reason I was back there.

Eventually when my brother got off work at 6, he was able to pick me, where I hung out with him until Micah came home to rescue me. Once inside I felt defeated by the fact that I hadn’t accomplished anything. I seemly went back to my negative mentally of, “why me,” and “oh no, here we go again.” But then I realized that by thinking this was just another bad day I was already breaking my new year’s resolution of positive thinking.

Giving up and feeling like everything/anyone is failing you can be hard. What’s even harder I’ve learned, is that picking yourself takes more than effort. It’s a mentality to not sweat the small things. It’s a desire to let it go. It’s the courage to pick yourself up. And I want to work towards having that. Nine days into the new year can make a difference.

Today’s post (yesterday’s look) features comfort. In the dead of the winter with high gusts of wind it’s easy to fall into this rut of wearing specific items like sweaters and pants. I’ve decided that I’m going to change things up and that when the opportunity presents itself to go the extra mile. So I’ve paired this beautiful sweater from Old Navy with this polka dotted skirt from Nasty Gal. I’ve been into brown-earth toned colors lately and I’m loving mixing this shades together.

P.S. I had to take these photos using a tripod because Micah was out of town. Give them some love anyway please.

Excuse the wrinkles. Love that you’re reading this post.



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