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Hello. Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I’m excited to jump start this week on a very productive note. I’m waking up early to work out with Micah and I’ve also bought a Happy Planner to get me organized with this site. This will help me stay on top of everything I’m doing on consistently. #yay

Today’s look comes after a bit of snow landed in Wichita on Saturday morning. It wasn’t much, but the trace received made the day bitter cold. We didn’t see the sun so I had to wear this mustard dress just to give off some much needed rays. I got this dress at Lefties, in Madrid. It was just one of those shops I loved. I wore it in Spain on a hot and summer day, but this weekend I paired it with tights and also this fluffy coat from Ross.

It was surprisingly warm and fun to be wearing it, which again brought warmth to my heart.

I know we aren’t even halfway through winter, but I’m totally looking forward to a heatwave. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate you.



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