What. Is. Up my fine people! I’m definitely holding my end of the bargain and blogging more frequently, including IG stories, that are totally cheesy. So if you don’t follow me, click here.

Yesterday I posted a story on the gram sharing with everyone what eye shadows I have, which inspired me to bring you all this makeup look.

DSC_1626The shadows used are via e.l.f. cosmeticsin a book palette titled “from day to night.” I bought this book of eye colors about three years ago and use it a lot. It literally hosts a wide variety of shades from warm and neutral to dark and festive.


From the picture above, you can tell which shades I use more frequently and which need some love.

This particular look features copper brown, a deep blue, and vivid green shades. Unfortunately the shadows don’t have names.


I also lined the bottom of my eyes with the corresponding shades. I enjoy doing this every so often, but I’ve never had three different shades of colors down there. It was a cool change.


As a personal goal, I’ve decided, and hope to follow through with the feature of makeup, beauty, and health on Wednesdays. If this is something you enjoy, please stay tune. I enjoy you reading along.




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