Back with darkness


I know I’ve been telling you all that I’m going to dress a little bit more with color this year and see if that brings life to my everyday. For the most part I’ve been doing a good job of not wearing black, but this leather jacket spoke to me when brainstorming outfit ideas.

I haven’t worn this jacket in what seems like forever and frankly it’s a bit sad because it’s such a gorgeous jacket. Yes I love it for the leather, but also for the embroidered flowers. It’s an element that gives the jacket such a killer vibe. It made me feel so empowered when I wore it and for a split second I threw away the idea of bright and reverted to my old ways. I mean could you blame me?

The jacket was paired with my Ramones shirt that I purchased from Bershka and my metallic booties. These girls are not shining away from being on the blog constantly.

We saw terrible weather this week. Frozen rain. It put me in such a funk, hence why I am posting late, so if you’re up and reading this. THANK YOU! I appreciate it like none other.

See ya next week.



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