Palm & Peak Collab


Hello everyone,

Remember how I told you that 2020 was going to be filled with amazing things on Always Aley? Well guess what, it’s starting out perfect. Yes with occasional panic attacks, but eh welcome to my life.

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’m a brand ambassador for Palm and Peak, a shop that has pretty cool items ranging from headgear, camera straps, travel gear, and bags. I got a couple of items from this site and today I’m sharing Part 1 of the collaboration showcasing this corduroy newsboy cap.


I have a black one already that I wear often on here, but my heart was craving a brown tone, so this was the perfect time to full fill my heart’s desires.

GUYS! I kid you not, you will see me wearing this cap on here until you wear tired. Bare with me as I style it every which way possible. In addition if you happen to visit the site and fall in love with some items (like I know you will) take 15% off using my code ALWAYS15!

Part 2 is going to be just as great! So please come back. I know I was gone for an entire week, but I’m going to stay more consistent because that’s what makes me feel good. Thanks for reading. You’re my biggest fan and I love you for that.



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