White pants


Yesterday snowed, it melted, and all I was left with was white pants. In memory of what I’d hope would be a legit winter white day, I wore these white pants. Needless to say the snow didn’t happen. It’s okay. There’s always next time. I’ll always have these pants.

So, this look is all kinds of mixed up, from the pattern to the color choices. In my eyes I feel like I matched everything up and somehow it looks just all right. Did I mention that I’m blind? Mind you that I really don’t care if items, prints, and colors “go together” the only thing that should matter is comfort. And I had plenty of that. These pants, which I picked up from Old Navy ages ago are the perfect fit, with the right amount of comfort. I love the baggy feel of the bottoms.

I also enjoyed pairing them with a basic tee (stripped), just for fun. The sweater and it’s glorious pattern tied the look together, with it’s colorful and thick layers, making it a winter staple. Lastly to roughen things up, the combat boots made an appearance, because even though I want to rid my life of black– you can’t tame a bad girl.


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