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Why hello there! Long time no see. Excuse my absence. I came down with a really bad sickness. Who knows what it was? But rest seemed to do the trick. I missed blogging, but also my health comes first. It’s all right sometimes to not do something, especially if you’re not going to give it your 100%. So now, I’m back in the month of March ready to go. I hope you’re just as ready as I am.

Because I was back to doing what I love most, I decided to take my comeback to the playground for some fun shots. Micah and I had such a blast shooting at this park. And of course to help bring this photo session to life were these pants I got a while back from Lulus. They are silky smooth and all too cool. When I first thought about purchasing them I figured it was going to be that item I could wear to lounge in and also sport at work. Who knew that they would be perfect for playing around in as well.

I kept the rest of the outfit pretty casual with Vans and a white tee. I can feel Spring right around the corner with temperatures peeking in at 50 and 60, but we are still in winter for a bit longer, so this fuzzy sweater is helping me make a slight transition to warmer days. I can’t wait for them.

Thank you for coming back after 2 weeks. You rock! See you on Wednesday.



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2 thoughts on “Playground Pants

  1. Good to hear that you conquered the Coronavirus. But sme people never grow up when confronted by a playground. 🙂

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