Maybe spring


I’m a sucker. Once I see 50 and 60 pop up in my weather app, I’m fooled into believing that Spring is here. Then I wake up to frost on my car and I’m reminded that I need to hold my horses.

But, just for one day… I bared the legs in a much needed catch-some-rays moment. I’m not sorry. It was worth it. I wore this cute and short dress from Zara. I purchased it a while ago and have only worn it once. Not sure why that was. Wearing it again was worth my rebellion state of welcoming warmer weather before the appropriate time.

To help with this coming transition, I layered the dress with my oversized jacket, the perfect find. I’m back to feeling rocker which prompted me into wearing my combat boots, all this to build this very outfit.

I can’t wait for daylight saving and the much needed extra hour of sunlight. It’s been a long time coming.

I’ll see you guys again on Friday to end the work week.



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