Skirt away


Last year I made it a huge effort, to the point of obsession, to find a long denim skirt. It had to be the perfect “long” length though. I mean I couldn’t have it down to my ankles, but just barely hitting my knees didn’t quite thrill me.

So I gave up, until I found Roolee. Then I was back in business. So here we are, showcasing this pretty cool skirt. The perfect length. The perfect cut. The perfect design. It all worked out and now I can wear this item so many different ways, you’ll grow tired of seeing it over and over.

Just hang tight.

To accompany the skit I wore this cute blouse from H&M for an airy feel. To top off this look,  these hat gave off boho vibes that completed everything into, again, perfection. In my eyes I’m such a genius.

Beside the awesome skirt find, I’m pretty happy it’s been pleasant out and the time change makes blogger later a possibility. Thank goodness for that.



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