In the name of Spring


I’m pretty sure I jinxed several things this week, one includes the possibility that spring was here. Today I woke up on break, but sadden with the fact that most of my time off will be spent in either rain or 40 degree weather. It’s a bummer. I wanted to feel the warmth on my skin. Welp.

The second thing that saddens me is the virus that seems to be scaring us all and putting us into a state of panic. I wish things were different. I wish we knew what the future holds for us. Yet in some sheer leap of faith, I rest easy with the idea that this too shall pass. That life will come back to normalcy. There’s comfort in knowing that my Savior can conquer all. Maybe that’s why I’m sitting here, calmly bring you all this post. Things are bad I know, but my hope is in HIM.

So in the midst of all of this panic and sickness I present to you some this outfit. A look that brings both warmth and color into my life (and in yours too, I hope). It’s something I’m slowly trying to transition into– removing the black from my closet. It’s been a slow process, but it’s happening, I can tell you that.

This top is from Roolee, that cute shop I found last week. I purchased several great pieces that showcase how adorable the store really is. What I liked the most about this blouse is the tiny flowers, the fit, and also that I could wear it and feel comfortable. With that I paired the look with pink pumps from Lulus and my hat from Free the People. I’ve enjoyed mixing warm tones like brown into my everyday looks and I hope you do too.

Friends, keep yourselves safe. Follow all the precautions. It’s hard to stay put, but like the old saying goes, better safe than sorry. Let’s follow that model in a calm manner. I’ll be praying not only for those affected by the virus, but for the world, and of course for your health.



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