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Gloom doom. The World is in a state of uncertainty as we try to understand this virus and what it could do to our future. It all leaves us with a lot of doubt. We are panicked. Scared. Trying to making sense. Trust me, I too find it hard to find peace of mind, in the midst of all of this.

For me, continuing to post makes me feel calm. For me, going about my day isn’t ignoring the happenings, it’s try to maintain some normalcy. It’s the fact that while things aren’t good right now, making time to do what we love (like blogging) will makes us feel at ease. I mean that’s all I’m trying to do.

Even on this gloomy day, I was able to bring some sunshine to my outfit by sporting this mustard vest. It’s been raining pretty much all day, stopping just in time, to run outside with my Sperry boots. Micah gifted them to me for Christmas and I wear them anytime there’s snow or water on the ground. Considering I probably wouldn’t be wearing them until next winter, they had to make an appearance. Roolee came back for a third day with this cute half-zip pull over.

I hope these pictures and text fill you comfort. It’s hard to know if there’s peace out there. Hope is all we got. This and Jesus. I’m praying for you. Stay safe and take all the precautions. With love.



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