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Yesterday, the governor of Kansas notified the state that schools would be closed down for the remainder of the school year. It’s a fate we are all very uncertain about, especially educators, who feel heartbroken over the class of 2020. Yes, learning will still be going on, but it’s going to look different. How so? That’s the uncertain part, with so many large and diverse learners in big districts, like mine — I find it hard to stay calm. It seems like a huge undertaking to find a perfect solution that’s going to meet the needs of everyone, I’m curious, with discontent, but also I’m hopeful and ready to tackle anything school administrators come up with.

So that was a major bummer, but it makes Micah and I maintain practicing the proper precautions, like staying home. This has given me the opportunity to journal and read, which has helped me escape the mind from doom and gloom.


There are two things I’ve been reading lately, poems and about Jesus. I alternate from hour-to-hour depending on how I want to shift my mind. These are both subjects that I’m very passionate about.

I’m currently reading Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey. This book focuses its attention to notable women in the Bible and how Jesus used each one in a purposeful way. These women are inspiring and as a woman their stories have captivated me, pushed me, heck even drove me to be one of those gals. Fearless. Attentive. Eager. Women who were there, ready to serve the Lord. Gosh if that’s not something to want to be?

The Classic English Love Poems edited by Emile Capouya fill my soul with romantic love. From Shakespeare and Lord Byron to Blake and Chaucer, these poems are sad, touching, and heartfelt. They take me back to a period were true love and love lost took place. I’m currently in love with the poem titled Chloe by Alexander Pope, mainly because I recite in to my doggy Chloe.


Journaling has always been a major part of my life. It’s the second thing I enjoy most, aside from photography and blogging. I scribble daily life events, words of wisdom, quotes I admire, and biblical verses. Right now I am currently inspired to write notes from the book The Poetry of W.B. Yeats.

I’m not good at doodling even though it’s pleasing on the pages, but I do enjoy going after a good purple pen, which I have so many of. I also color coordinate between titles and quotes as a way to soothe my mind and to organize my thoughts as well.


Lastly, here’s some other books I’m currently surfing though:

It’s impossible to even begin to think, act, and know what to do with everything going on. All we have left to do is stay home and keep calm. Everyone has a different way of coping with being indoors for a long period of time, trust me I’m growing anxious too. But, in the middle of all of this noise, focusing on things we love will help us direct our attentions away from all the hurt happening and allow peace to be welcomed. If only for a while.

If you need to talk, I’m here for you, still praying.


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