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Hiya, I hope everyone had a great weekend, under quarantine. We’ve struggled to stay indoors, but if it’s going to keep everyone safe, then it’s worth it.

Today’ look is fun, because we need a little bit of that right now. Plain and simple fun. I haven’t had much of that lately with just stressing over what work will look like. So this is me forgetting it for a bit and focusing on the right now.

I can’t believe I haven’t worn these star power pants since 2018! They very much needed to revisit the blog, so here they are in all their glory. They were the perfect bottoms built for comfort and cool. I paired them with Vans and also this Beatles band tee. You know, just to give you an effortless and cool girl vibe. I hope you think I mastered it just as much as I do.

Some days are going to be gloomy. Some days we will see the sun. Some days will be good. Other days we will take 10 steps back. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy every moment of every single day. Don’t forget to include positivity and prayer. It goes a long way. With love.


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