Rockin Yellow


Sedgwick County is under a 30 day “Stay at Home” ordinance. It’s a bummer because today is just beautiful. It’s the perfect day to just drive with the windows down and feel the warm breeze through the entire car. It’s what we are wanting to do, bad. Until then we can only hope for better days. They will come. I’m certain.

For now, I’m giving myself a tease and sporting this look around my Rav4. I wore this bright-crop top band tee, featuring of course Def Leppard, for some fun. In reality it was all fun from the straight leg white pants to the animal print mini heels. It was a mixture of makes sense and adventure. Two things we need to understand when dealing with the World’s current reality.

It’s important to remember that staying at home is truly helping everyone, even when we are itching to be out in about, the point is to stop the virus from spreading. Let’s all do our part and be safe. Continued prayers go out to everyone in need.


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