Food Coma


Staying at home for 30 days isn’t ideal for anyone, but what’s worse is that my tummy is seeing the worst of it all. My routine is off and with that comes the cravings. They are ever-powerful and simply demanding, especially when sitting there on the shelf looking radiant. I mean it’s not fair.

So there goes all my efforts to stay fit, get back to looking lean, and being healthy. I mean two months of hard work is slowly going out the window. Me, I’m the weakling that has no power in the manner.

I know it’s my fault. I take responsibility people. I know I can work out at home. I know I can refrain from over-eating. People I know!  Yet I helped make the cake. For right know I think, truly and deeply, that I’m eating away my sadness.

I’m sad that I’m at home for so long. I’m sad I don’t get to go to work. I’m sad I’m in this food coma. I’m sad at being sad.

So for now and only for right now, let me eat away my misery in Resse’s Puffs and Cheez-It’s, because you know what life is too short to not allow Ruffles to comfort you.

Until then, the gym will be waiting for me. See you soon friend. With love.




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