Windy jump start


I have no one to dress up for, but you, my readers. So today I’m sharing this outfit, one I’ve been trying to wear out, but for obvious reasons haven’t been able to.

I got this jumpsuit from Roolee a while back, it’s that cute shop that literally has me wanting to buy everything on site. None-the-less I haven’t had much luck finding the perfect jumpsuit, so I decided to give this one a try. Let me start off by saying that there’s pockets involved, stretch, comfort, sleeves, and it fits in all the right places. That’s enough, right?

So here I am in the middle of 30 mph wind, showcasing perfection. I hope you enjoy this outfit because in the middle of this pandemic, I dressed up, just for you. Thank you once again for reading my posts as often as you do.

April is going to be a month filled with great things, new hopes, and peace. I’m excited about this new season. I’m ready to tackle new projects. I’m ready for what’s to come. There’s no fooling anyone.


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