Spring cleaning


Hello everyone,

Happy weekend, if you can believe it’s the weekend. Saturday and Sunday used to give me hope. They were days where I could sit, relax, and get organized. But since the stay at home order issued on our nation I’m getting my days confused. They are over lapping.

On this particular Saturday I took it upon myself to organize my closet, just to keep things as normal as possible. My closet has been a mixture of dark pieces (that I’ll always love) and pieces from my high school days. Some of the items are great. Others I need to part with, immediately.

Since we moved, my closet size was downsized, making it hard for me to really see my clothes. So I purchased this rack that has helped me showcase items I’m loving or outfits I’m planning on wearing on the blog. It’s a breath of fresh air to have my best clothes or shoes on display. Because frankly, it’s inspiring and boosting my creativity is exactly what I need to make things feel better.

I hope that  where ever you are that you are finding comfort in your home. It’s getting harder and harder to stay in, but organizing, cleaning, and cooking has been helpful. If these things help you, then do them, do them often, and keep sane. It will all be over soon.



  • Rack from Wayfair now on sale for $49


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