Small Pony


I’m excited to tell you all that I can finally pin my hair back into a small pony tail. Epic! I last cut my hair in February and since then it’s grown. Not for the human to clearly see, but I can feel the change.

Happy Holy Thursday! I hope you are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Today’s look features this fun-flirty skirt. I’m usually not into denim, but this skirt always makes every outfit fun. I wore my Vans to keep things casual and just sat around in the front yard.

I’ve been enjoying the sun, its rays, and the way it warms my skin after being inside for a long period. Blogging has helped me maintain some sort of order to my day by keeping a routine of getting up and brainstorming. It’s also helped me to do my makeup and also my hair. In addition it’s helped me think about how fortune I am to have to something I love and the time to do this more consistently.

It’s the little things in life that make me feel at ease during this time. Even though there are uncertainties, we have to have hope that things will get better. So please enjoy today and pray for a better tomorrow.



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