Dark Flowers


Hiya everyone, I hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend. Since we can’t go, physically go to church this year, Micah and I have been virtually tuning in. It isn’t the same. Today I decided to dress up a little more than usual, just to make “going to church,” more special.

So I wore dark flowers.

Not for anything symbolic, but just the simple fact that dressing up was what I needed. The weather was extremely beautiful and I’m ready to tan my skin, so I put on these cute wedge sandals from NastyGal. When I bought these girls last summer, I figured I would wear them summer after summer until they wore.

So here’s to summer.

I’m excited for Easter and the hope that comes with his resurrection. Because in the middle of the storm, this pandemic, the fear, and the anxiety we are experiencing, Jesus will prevail. I have faith in that.

Happy Easter.



I last wore this dress here, click the link.

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