Killer Walk with Lulus


Hi everyone, man it’s been a busy couple of days, they have mostly been unproductive. Yet somehow, I feel stressed out, and that’s what’s caused me to not hang with you all. I’m a mixture of emotions.

Today I got all dolled up to drive around town, I went so full out that I wore these killer heels from Lulus. They are so gorgeous. Aside from the cool print, I was drawn to the strap, and the blocked heel. They are the total package. Versatile. Timeless.

The rest of the outfit, the white pants and delicate pink top, were a soft contrast next to the heels. In a sense those items allowed the shoes to pop. And as the evening came to a close, the perfect outfit prompted me to realize that feeling great about yourself, comes in waves. When you feel it, you should take it, and hold on to it.



Heels from @ Lulus

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