Hysteria in the Rain


It’s my soul mission to enjoy all things Def Leppard. My love for this band came in a time where I needed to reinvent myself. In reality they just inspired me to be myself.

The second thing I find my soul needing is the collections of the band’s best tees. I’ve score three great ones from the Buckle, this one in particular. It was perfect for a gloomy-rainy day. I love the fact that it’s oversized and comfortable. I also love the faded look of the logo. Lastly, I love that’s from the Hysteria World Tour, which happens to me by favorite album.


So here I am in all my rock n roll glory, standing in the rain, letting it drip. Letting the rain give me the fresh air (start) I need to kick some positive energy into me. It’s funny how little things like packages arriving in the mail gives us hope. I’m praying desperately that hope finds me in a state of grace. I wish the same for you.


USElook info

Band Tee from @Buckle


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