Walks with Chloe


Happy one millionth day under quarantine. This season is taking longer than I expected.

Getting ready for me means getting to hang in the back yard and also with my Chloe. Weather permitting, I usually get dressed up to walk this princess pup. She’s been through so much in the last year, just like us, and she deserves all the attention.

It felt nice to wear this pretty-red dress from Lulus. I love this dress because of the style, the straps, and the lace. The perfect delicate pieces all in one. You  know me though, I had to edge the dress up with a black tee and Vans. The perfect combo.

Chloe is rocking her new purple collar, because what other color would she be sporting?

Honestly spending time with her has been the best medicine to beat staying at home. She’s been the light of my day and I enjoy seeing her happy, running around, and exploring during our walks. It makes getting out of bed every day, during this time of uncertainty, totally worth it.

I’ve got some great pieces, I can’t wait to share with you all on here. Stay tune. It’s coming. Thanks for the love and support. Praying for your needs!



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Dress from @Lulus similar here

2 thoughts on “Walks with Chloe

  1. Love how you paired the dress with Vans! I’m a sucker for a good pair of Vans!! Can’t wait to see more! xx

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