World Tour 1980


The moment I heard Def Leppard play in my mom’s childhood home on an old vinyl player, I knew they were something else. Then I was given the opportunity to see them live in Wichita, since then nothing has been the same.

I’ve been collecting band tees for awhile now and I’m glad my collection has grown, including this shirt from their 1980’s World Tour “On Through the Night”. I got this shirt from the Buckle.

I paired the t-shirt with khaki shorts in order for the shirt to stand out. In addition the Vans with socks added a touch of cool and spring ready vibes. Today’s comfort look comes during a time where relaxing and sweating the small stuff has finally set in.

We can’t let fear get in the way of what makes us happy and I’m embracing that. Even with states opening back up, it’s still important to keep remembering to practice the proper precautions to stay healthy. With all of that it’s still shocking to see how much our world’s have changed. Keep fighting the good fight. Thinking of you all.



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