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Hello world, it’s late on a Friday night, but good things are happening. I just couldn’t wait until Monday to share with you about Bohme and their awesome items.

As the stay at home order was semi-lifted in Kansas, I decided to begin combining outfits. Just in case going out becomes 100% a go! So far I’m ready to serve the streets of Wichita.

This is the first look and it features this cool top. I purchased it because of the design and stripes. It’s mostly linen so it makes it good to wear and still helps keep cool in the hotter days. Also from the site are these ankle strap heels. I purchased them in brown because I’m trying to bring color into my life, aside from black, but still want to own neutral colors. This is one of those heels that will be constant repeats.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that all the items that I purchased were high quality and affordable. There’s a wide of variety of articles of clothing that range from sweaters, tops, and shoes that are adorable. I found it hard to limit myself.

It’s nice that we can semi-go outside, even though it’s still a bit scary. What ever state you are in, regardless of order/bans, I encourage everyone to stay safe and follow the proper precautions. Regardless. Have a great weekend.


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