Nature calls me


I love being outdoors, but as of late, nature has been calling me in a different way. I’m now drawn to the green of the tress and grass and I’m also inspired by the colorful flowers.

Their beauty prompts me to be wearing earthy tones. It’s not a regular thing, but when I get the chance to wear them, I do. Of course, the background has to match. Wherever there are flowers and trees, count me there.

Today’s look features this multi-pattern dress from Francesca’s. I’ve worn this dress one other time back in 2018 and I thought it would be a good idea to repeat, as it seems clothing from that time period is making a comeback.

To accessorize I paired the dress with these Steve Madden boots and this hat. Tying these items helped me feel closer to the mood I was aiming for. Cool and closer to the outdoors.

Thank goodness for warmer weather, sunny moments, and times filled with rain because of them, I can enjoy everything that the great outdoors has to offer. Hope, in a time of change.



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