Mirror Trials


Happy Memorial Day weekend! I’m so excited for summer, warm weather, and stress-less days. At least I hope that’s what my summer will look like. My family will be in town for the weekend and that I’m excited.

Today’s post is a bit on the fun side, I used two tools to help boost my content. I want to say I’m being more creative, but simply I’m just trying out new things. It’s what makes blogging fun. Trial and error.

I enjoyed using the mirror to catch my reflection. It allowed me to look at myself in a different way. I also used Photoshop to insert clouds and flowers. I know it’s not perfect, but the simple attempt makes me feel accomplished. During these times feeling productive makes a huge difference.

Please let me know how I’ve done? I accept all feedback. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great weekend! Whoop whoop…


DSC_4333 copyDSC_4383DSC_4344 copyDSC_4357 copyDSC_4380

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