Green with nature


Today was filled with naps, working out, Jesus, and blogging around nature. As I’ve posted lately the outdoors has been a bit of my best friend. I’ve enjoyed taking long runs around streams and trees, but I’ve also loved how nature has complimented my blog pictures.

So I dressed in green to blend in and feel closer to what I’m currently loving and admiring. I wore this dress back in the winter and felt I wasn’t really able to showcase it under a couple layers. Now it’s here in all her glory, featuring the buttons, the flow, the pattern, and even the color. It’s one of those dresses that goes a long way. A timeless piece.

While things are opening up and we are leading towards back to “normal,” we must remember to take precautions, still. It’s scary out there. So please continue to stay safe. Thanks for stopping by on this Wednesday. All the best.


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