There’s hope in rough places


Good evening everyone, it’s been over a week since I last posted content to the site. It just didn’t feel right to post my normal outfit ideas after this fight for justice and human life. What happened to George Floyd left me pretty speechless and thinking how real racism is and how cruel we as humans are. Especially when we don’t understand situations likes these.

It took me this time to truly stay informed and educated myself on the Black Lives Matter movement. As a teacher, who has taught black students it was important for me to be informed and to spread love and understanding to everyone around.

In the end, all I have is hope that as a new generation we can learn from what 2020 is trying to tell us. It’s a time to refocus and grow in mind and spirit. Even though times are rough and probably will get rougher that we seek the truth. There’s hope in the future, but we hold that in our hands, it’s truly up to us to make a difference. Too bad we don’t see that. Too bad we don’t hold ourselves responsible. Too bad we don’t turn the right cheek. Too bad for a lot of things.

Today’s post was about delicate meeting rough. What I want to shed light on is that even in the most fragile moments, the rough patches won’t stay hidden for long. Underneath all that darkness there’s pretty and human and love.

Def Leppard and music always helps me cope, even when I myself don’t know if I’m doing enough. I am praying for you and for everyone affected. Black Lives Matter and even if can’t find how we can help. Pray my friends. Pray for wisdom, understanding, justice and peace.


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