Flower girl


Since the beginning of COVID, I’ve been drawn to the beauty of flowers. I suppose that being stuck indoors for long periods of time prompted me to seek calm and peace in their smell and color. So the times I made it to the store for the essentials, I made getting a bouquet of flowers a priority. Something about their presence brought me happiness and removed the doom gloom hanging over our heads.

Having a vase of flowers sit center stage in our dinner room table has continued. These days I’m drawn to shades of yellow. From daisy’s and freesias, sunflowers have a certain appeal. Maybe because they are a product of Kansas! So today, I’m showing off this single little sunflower. Both to bring you the beauty of a flower and also give you a bit sun.

The flower stood out next to Def Leppard, my first band tee from this killer rock band and this cute asymmetrical skirt from Nasty Gal. It was a mixture of colors, but that’s when it’s the best. The array of colors, vibrant and bold, bring life. It’s all the happiness I need.

I hope you are finding what makes you happy or at least stare at something that tugs at your heart. All the best.

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