Wichita native?


For me, it’s impossible to believe that I’m living in Wichita after leaving my home of 30 years. It’s taken me awhile and maybe truly I haven’t felt it as much as I do now, but Wichita is home. It’s where I’m living and it’s where I’ll be working (2 years presently).

It’s hard to say it out loud. But I suppose I’m a native now. With this comes the need to explore an active mall, downtown area, parks, rivers, nature walks, coffee shops. There are endless adventures, this coming from a small town girl. Yet even though I’m in a bigger city, I still want to shop local, and support area businesses. That will never change.

One of the things I enjoy the most about Wichita is the fact that the city’s flag is displayed everywhere, whether it’s flown, on digital screens, and especially painted along buildings. That makes me feel like there’s a sense of pride and that I need to jump on board.

For today’s run around, Micah and I found this building featuring the flag, so we stopped to blog. I’m wearing a body suit from Forever 21 that I purchased several years ago and have only showcased once on here. It’s a good comeback. This time I paired up Lynard with mom jeans (a famous repeat) and sandals from Nasty Gal!

I hope your Monday has been productive and full of life. It’s the reset you need to accomplish your goals. One step at a time, you’re almost there! All the best!



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