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Happy Wednesday friends near and far. Today’s post comes a little earlier in the day because sis is being productive. I’m slow to get up, which I regret because it makes my day begin later than intended. I just have to face it, I’m not a morning person.

But here I am, excited! I’m bringing you this collaboration from Keliana, an active wear/yoga clothing boutique. This store brings you a wide variety of duo active wear in every color, shape, and pattern imaginable. The clothing is soft and sturdy.

One of the items I enjoy the most is the sport bras, which are often hard to come by for me, as I struggle to find one that will bring comfort. And now that I’m back to actively working out, I have found confidence wearing this set.

Working out has been hard lately as I find myself struggling to find a consistent routine. As a college athlete, I was used to a schedule and a coach that kept me on the straight and narrow. When all that ended, a part of me found it hard to remain in shape. Maybe it was because I didn’t have an end goal anymore.

Now that I’m older and the urge to run prompts to get off the couch, I’ve generated the mentality of going out and working out because of me, I’m the goal. My mind, body, and spirit are the focus and I want them to feel good.

I’m not 100% where I want to be, but taking notice to the ever changing form of my body and mind has helped push me. It takes time, but day after day I work harder, and my body is forever grateful. The main thing to remember is that everyone’s fitness journey is different, and it’s okay to start anywhere, the important thing is to start.

I’m rooting for you!



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