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Terre Mere Aloe & Tea Tree toner

Complexion was the furthest things on my mind growing up. As my skin routine has morphed into stability, I’ve focused on incorporating a toner that gives me a radiant glow.

For the past month I’ve been applying this aloe and tea tree toner from Terre Mere in my skin care routine. At first I didn’t know what the product was actually doing to my skin. But after week two, I began to notice the formula cleared some imperfections and my face appeared more vibrant.

This product contains natural ingredients that target to soothe the skin and wipe away any dead skin cells (I have plenty). Some of the ingredients include, organic aloe and tree oil. This product also acts as a collagen booster and as an anti-aging oil.

I apply the toner twice a day after I clean my face. I typically use a cotton pad and gently pat my face overall. The water-like formula is gentle and fresh. It quickly dries or absorbs into the face. This has become the first step in my routine. After the toner is dry, I begin to apply my favorite serums, which you can find by clicking here and here.

I received this product in my FabFitFun summer box and have enjoyed using it. I highly recommend circulating a toner into your skin, if you don’t already. For me, it’s important to find products that are going to help enhance my skin. I’ll do the leg work for you and share the information always. Have a great night!

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