Before the storm


Strappy heels bring in thunder

The sky was so beautiful all day as I ran around town. The clouds demonstrated peace and also the signs of a much needed storm. We decided to hurry and capture the moment before the thunder and lighting made rain. And we beat the weather!

I’m now sitting here, writing this post, and listening to the wonderful rain outside my window. A perfect setting for this outfit, which I wore to complement the sky and its view.

I purchased this dress years ago. I wore on this post as a longer top. It’s one of those items that is both comfortable and versatile. I know I say that about all of my items of clothing, but it’s my truth, and it’s what I love. This time around I wore these jeans from Pacsun and these strap sandals from Lulus to add some style flare. This outfit is a mixture of cool and relax. I hope you can agree.

Today’s weather was beautiful and needed, it was a nice change from the past feeling of unknown and repeated routines. I hope that wherever you are that you are find some sort of change and break the cycle of this pandemic funk. I’m wishing all the best now and…

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