Short and sweet


Stefano di Roma bottoms aim to chic up summer

As I’m cleaning out my closet and slowly transitioning some pieces out of the closet, I came across these shorts, which I purchased AGES ago. I’m not even exaggerating. They are from the early 2000s. When I purchased them I loved them because they were short and sweet. I loved how they showed off my legs and also and most obviously because of the pattern.

In my attempts of wearing them this time around, I realized that sadly I had out grown them. So, I’m retiring them, but not until getting to wear them one last time. In their goodbye, they are paired with a simple black top and sandals from Lulus.

The sun finally came out, making it possible to walk downtown Wichita, and properly bid farewell to these shorts. They will be missed, but never forgotten. And as I transition into a new moment in my life, one where the fashion might be different, I remind myself that these shorts filled me with inspiration.

I hope you find inspiration this week, I hope you also find love, joy, and most importantly peace. Have a great one. All the best.

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