Diamond in the rough (flower)


Florals bring life to dark vibes

I always tend to wear black, no matter how much I want to stray away from this shade, its tone follows me around. Yet, when I wear anything floral, my outfits comes to life. I like to call this rough flowers. In reality they are the perfect addition to who I am as a blogger. On the outside I can appear rough, but inside I’m a flower that can’t wait for you to see bloom.

Today’s outfit is a representation of that. It’s how I’ve been feeling lately too. My rough exterior always seems to be very dominate, but my inner flower is waiting to come out. This time I let her expresses everything she is and this is what we got.

The dress is from JCPenny’s. I wear it mainly to work and it always makes me very teacher like, but outside of that, I accessorize the dress a bit differently. This time I wore these Steve Madden boots, mainly because I’m feeling fall coming upon us.

Lastly, my hair is getting longer and it’s at a length where I can’t tame it. I’m having fun, don’t get my wrong, but sometime it takes blogging a little bit more time. Darn that Kansas wind.

As we start off the work week, I hope you remember that you are worth more than you believe. That you’re needed, whether you are working from home or are at location. Every time that you wake up and feel your heart beat, know that you have a purpose! Wishing you all the best.

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