Mustard stands out in green wonderland

Lefties mustard dress helps bring color in tree land

In the continuation of cleaning out my closet, I found this gem. Now she hasn’t been a member of the Always Aley closet for that long, but she’s been around long enough, to get some good wear out of her. This dress and its mustard tone was purchased in Spain.

Madrid’s shopping area has wonderful boutiques, and if it wasn’t for my small luggage, I would have bought the entire county. One store that caught my eye was Lefties. This store is filled with beautiful items, it is organized, simple, and perfect for every girl. In addition this store is affordable, making it a winner.

The last time I wore this dress was in the winter. I paired it then with cozy items. Today I bring it to you in a more casual way, which makes it perfect for strolling around busy streets. Also with this look are my favorite Vans and this black hat from Forever 21. Together, these items make comfort look breezy.

Now, I’ve been into greenery and nature since the beginning of the pandemic. The outdoors has really allowed me to stay grounded, its built my creativity, and of course helped me disconnect for all the hurt and unknown our world is experiencing. So naturally I had to find the perfect scene to bring this outfit to life. These trees are perfect and worked wonderfully.

Now, tomorrow is my Friday and that makes me happy because I’ll have the weekend to visit family. I hope you find the time this week to be happy, regardless of what you’re going through. Think of one thing that makes you smile and hold onto that feeling. Or better yet, do what you love.

I will be thinking of you until the next time I see you.

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