Fresh cleanser for your skin

Breaking out under your mask? Here’s what you need.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve worn a mask, whether it was mandated or not. For me, it’s not about politics, but about doing anything in my power to help our world. I also believe in the “better safe than sorry” type of living. Yet, my face has experienced minor to major break outs around my check and jaw area. What has helped me is cleansing!

This cleanser by Neutrogena has helped me stay fresh while removing not only makeup but also refreshing my skin.

Now I do have to note that growing up I was never prone to acne. Yes I had flare ups every month or so depending on my period, but other than that my skin has been clear. So when I began to notice spots after wearing a mask, I did panic, and changed my skin care routine.

I have posted on several occasions how I remove my make up and even what my routine looks like after the make up is removed. But I have failed to share that I double cleanse. As mentioned above I’ve been using this product from Neutorogena.

One of the things that I enjoy the most about this product is that it’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t strip it from it’s natural moister. This is major for me, since my skin tends to dry up, especially in the winter. The product is made from Peruvian tara seed, coconut, and water.

Now since I have seen acne on my skin while wearing my mask out in public, I have removed wearing excess foundation and have also withheld from using face oils. I figured that the less oily my skin was, the less likely I was to break out. It was also important for me to wash my face mask and not use the same one for more than a week. In addition, storing it in a clean place is also key.

How is your skin fairing under the mask? How are you keeping it healthy? I’d love to share tips and tricks with you. Have a happy weekend! Wishing you all the best.

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