Sunflower Kansas girl

State flower shoot is always a must

For one reason or another, I delayed taking pictures at a sunflower field, up until now. It was aching my heart to see so many Facebook friends posting alongside these glorious flowers. So when we saw them lined up perfectly on our way to visit my parents, we had to make a quick stop. It was worth it.

Now the lighting wasn’t ideal, but the field shone in perfection, and made this photo session fun. The outfit was simple and fitting for the scenery. I wore a black t-shirt with a multi-pattern headband from Target. I’ve been wearing headbands plenty since my hair has grown in length.

Keeping it simple allowed me to showcase the flowers. It’s not always that I find Kansas to be beautiful. Aside from the state’s sunsets things can be pretty plain around here. Yet filled open fields of corn and wheat, the next great thing are the seasonal sunflowers.

And as we transition from one season to the next, one where flowers won’t bloom, I’m reminded that good things come to an end. Though it’s not forever because there’s hope that life exists and that it comes again.

I’m happy you stopped by to read this post. Thanks for the love. See ya soon.

  • Headband @Target similar
  • Shirt @the Limited
  • Jeans @Lulus similar
  • Sunflower field located in SW Kansas 3 miles east of Ford

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