The sunflower part 2


Clearwater field has some shine

Twice in less than a week and I’m not ashamed, I visited another sunflower field. This one was on the east side of Kansas. This field hosted 40 acres of sunflower beauty. The evening really made the outing with its perfect weather.

Not even thinking about fashion and more excited about site seeing these beautiful flowers, I wore a solid burgundy top with a hat from Brimm Boutique. Solid and darker colors stand out best when next to sunflowers.

Lighting also played a major role in the way these photos came about, it was all about standing next to the sunlight, not behind or in front. I cranked up the shutter speed, lowered the ISO and F-stop in order to avoid harsh shadows.

Again if you haven’t had the chance to visit a sunflower field, I hope you do. I also hope you have a wonderful weekend. See you Monday!

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