Down by the creek


Free yourself by splashing in a creek

We spent our weekend in the great outdoors gazing at wildflowers, spotting hummingbirds, and splashing around a creek. It was a weekend for the books, one that freed us from the endless Zoom meetings. It was a nice break to say the least and perfect enough for a re-charge.

How school will look is still up in the air, but for one moment, just one split second being in the open air felt good. It erased the stress. For my weekend adventure, I wore comfortable jeans and this cute top from TJMAXX. I’m pretty sure I’ve only worn it once, so it was due for a repeat.

This outfit was simple mainly because I wanted the focus to be more on nature. The landscape is all the beauty that needed to be showcased. And I as I sit more indoors in meetings, I’m reminded that fresh air, nature, flowers, the birds and the bees are the perfect solution to relax the mind.

No matter how you’re working during this pandemic, I hope you’re finding the time to get outdoors and find beauty again. Even if it’s in uncertainty, I pray you find the joy in life and some normalcy.

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