Shadows for pretty

Wet N Wild makeup shines through shadows

Because I have been feeling in a major rut, I decided to find inspiration and up the photos on this blog. With this in mind, I incorporated shadows with today’s beauty look. Although there aren’t that many, like in previous posts, there’s a hint of love and passion behind this set.

It was important for me to showcase my capabilities instead of following the same routine, which can ground us and prevent us from being our best selves. The shadows were a metaphor for what’s holding me back and my constant push to step out into the light.

Today’s look features a new makeup trend I’ve been trying, not frequently, but enough to make it new for me. It’s the multi-color eyeliner. I first showcased blue lids in early August. That color was the Not so Calm Waters shade.

Now I bring you dark purple. This liner was worn alongside brown tones, which helped bring the purple hue to life. The eyeliner sticks are from Wet n Wild. This one is in Royal Scam. They can be purchased for $3.99! I mean that’s a deal.

I love this multi-stick because of the texture, it’s creamy and long lasting. They are also very pigmented, which means one swipe and you’ve got color. In addition they are totally blendable. I’ve worn them both ways, once with other eyeshadow tones, and singular. I have to admit that even the shadows helped the color look cool.

In closing, as the weekend draws near, I want you to remember to be yourself. To be what you are capable of being. And if you find yourself stuck, don’t sweat it. Re-group and come back better than before. It’s my wish for you. Have a great one!

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