Floral skirt to say goodbye to summer

With Fall drawing close this skirt from Francesca’s brings floral spirits

Whether my days are longer as the school year deepens, I’m still excited that I get to blog. Not that I have to, but that I get too. I feel like that mentality makes a world of a difference. It’s a mindset I want to have every morning when I wake up. So blogging will come later in the day. That’s okay because I still get to do it. With that in mind, today’s post features this pretty floral skirt from Francesca’s.

This is another beautiful find from my fall shopping adventure. Aside from the floral pattern, what drew me to this piece was the small and perfectly thought out slit on just one side, which I thought gave personality to the item. I also love the length and the overall construction. It felt perfect and had enough volume to give me comfort.

I paired the skirt with my Beatles top from Forever 21 and my heel mules from Dillards. Both items added a unique touch to the skirt. The top have it personality and the mules a touch of unexpected. Overall it was a fun outfit to stroll through the streets of Wichita. A place I can finally say has become home.

This week has been long, tiresome, worrisome, and even daunting at times. But I have enjoyed every moment, from building relationship with my students to getting to blog for you all. It’s the things you love that make you happy regardless of the time of day.

This weekend, enjoy what makes you happy. Enjoy it because you get to do it. Wishing you all best. See you next week.

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