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Old Navy sweater brings comfort

I can’t even remember the last time that I blogged. Yet when I do, I know it’s been ages. An eternity. A lifetime of anxiety, discomfort, awkwardness. When school started back up in early September I realized and understood that I would be busy. But I don’t think I was prepared for what “return to learning,” would actually look like.

Daunting at first, but later just overwhelming, and finally barely keeping afloat; I decided to continue doing what I love. It seemed silly at first to push aside this platform that allows me to express myself in the first place and now putting more thought into the situation; it angers me to think that I always seem to put my needs second.

I mean what’s so wrong with keeping work at work? What’s so wrong with mentality escaping after hours? Why is it impossible for us to take the time to focus on what we love? These and many more questions circulated through my head. I desperately wanted to return to blogging, but instead I was pitted against myself. The less I willed myself to blog, the more I hated who I was, and the further I landed from happiness.

So this weekend, I said to Micah, “let’s blog!” With a look and smile, we brought those words into existence. Today, I’m happy to bring you this look featuring comfort at its finest.

Right now, Old Navy has the best in winter sweaters. I snagged this one about two weeks ago and have it worn it plenty. I opted for the burgundy shade with the hopes of rocking it all fall. Yet winter came early. No need to fear, the turtleneck comes in handy and helps give warmth to the knit cardigan. Lastly and kind of more importantly is footwear. These Sperry boots that Micah gifted me last year make a return. It’s important to keep the feet warm and dry during the snow. You definitely needs these on your side, rather foot.

I wish I could write and write forever, but I’ll leave you with this final thought, because yes I got my hair done too. I was quickly anticipating fall and the change the new season would bring. Only I was disappointed to find that winter left fall behind. It’s in these moments that my plans, the plans I had in store changed. And I don’t do well with change. Finding happiness in the unaccepted and learning to accept what comes has been the reason I’m writing you today. It’s in those moments that I have been embracing adventure. I want to bring a new found attitude where I’m still me, but less stressed and more willing to go with the flow.

I hope you welcome be back with grace because I’ve missed you.

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