A white affair

Loft dress stands out in white brilliance

The week has been dreary. It has seen a mixture of snow, rain, and sleet. My toes and fingers are cold. My comfort and part warmth comes from writing to you all this post. I hope it finds you thinking that white, during this time, brings bright approach.

While the rest of the outfit screams black, this white dress from the Loft makes a statement. It’s impossible to not wear this color after Labor Day. While the dress would often be worn while on warmer days, I wanted to challenge myself and see how it would weather the storm. I wasn’t disappointed.

To help make the dress stand out, I coordinated with darker pieces like the turtleneck, leggings, and boots. The hat from Nasty Gal pulled the look and gave it an interesting perspective. I also added a pop of color with the blue necklace, which looks vibrant next to the turtleneck.

It appears that even though the outdoors is in a battle with itself, one must stay grounded, and allow this opportunity to try something new. I hope that this week helps you understand how awesome and needed you really are.

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