Halloween makeup skull


The Spirit of Halloween comes to life or death with this makeup look?

Last night I went straight to Halloween Spirit in the hopes of being inspired with an outfit for today. I wasn’t really fond of anything in particular, but what I did find was makeup.

Now most of you know that I’m not the best at makeup so a full face just seemed like an impossible task. So I challenged myself and picked up shades of white, black, and glitter.

From there I let the colorful shades do the talking and they insisted that I do a mixture of dark blue and sparkle green. These two tones matched perfectly with the black circles.

Halloween looks so different this year, certainly this pandemic has taken a toll on many things, but we can still have fun. As you know it’s my mission to return “fun” into my life even, and especially when things might not go accordingly.

I wish the same for you! Be safe and I wish you all the best.

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