Western vibes


Cowboy boots bring Western vibes to Def Leppard tee

When country meets rock, you get this Western vibes look inspired by both of the genres I love most.

Lately music has been a great way for me to escape my everyday anxieties and frustrations. It’s been an outlet that allows me to release some much needed stress. Country music, with its mellow sound and laid back lyrics , soothes me. While rock pumps my heart with its heavy music. It’s the best of both worlds.

This is where today’s outfit comes into play. It’s both edgy, colorful, and full of those elements these two music categories fill me with. I paired my favorite Def Leppard tee with jeans and cowboy boots. The scarf, while wild, gave an unexpected twist to the look. Lastly was the fuzzy white sweater, which can be worn with any style.

I enjoyed wearing this outfit. The boots took me back to my dad’s farm and the sense of accomplishment I felt when I was out helping him with his tasks.

Lastly, I liked the idea of being able to bring both of these worlds to life. I hope that you enjoyed your Monday and the start of the work week. See you soon.

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