Don’t sweat it


Sweat pants brings comfort when days seems to drag

Lately, my days have all ran into one other, making it hard to get much needed and wanted rest. This year has exhausted me to the point where I can’t function and I’m forced to take it one day at a time. Like most of us, it’s been never ending. What gives me comfort, peace, and a bearable outlook has been sweat pants.

So today’s blog post is all about giving myself a break. A moment where I can take a break and breath. Where I can catch some air and feel anything other than anxiety and stress.

With this, I’m wearing comfort sweats, cotton socks, a plain white tee, a fluffy coat, and a beanie. All staples that worn together make an easy transition from work day to home stay. It’s also the perfect outfit for a fall night under crisp air.

I haven’t been having good days lately. There are moments that seem dark and lifeless. Moments where I’m struggling to make it past the next minute. Is there hope? Yes, but it’s small and desperately holding on to my heart. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing I have you.

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