Poncho Sweater

Target wrap brings cozy feeling during winter month

Man the days sure go by super fast when I’m away from you all. It’s a frustrating feeling not being able to blog and do what I love. Lately life hasn’t been easy. I’m swimming in a pool anxiety, stress, and overthinking. The biggest problem is that I don’t know how to swim. *No joke

I am learning to leave work at work and focus more on me. It’s hard to separate work when I’m working remote, but guys I’m trying.

So jumping into day’s look, which is a fun and cozy one. I bought this poncho wrap from Target when fall left and bitter winter came to hang out. I don’t regret the purchase. It’s been on repeat a lot lately. I’ve enjoyed wearing it out and about with jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

I was surprised as to how warm the poncho is and for most of the cooler days, it’s all I needed. The wrap is thick and comfortable. I also got it in this oatmeal color, which pairs perfectly with the staples in my closet.

Another great find is this hat from Haven’s Lane Boutique. This is a small business from my hometown Dodge City. It has great items, like the hat that I’m seen wearing. The color matched perfectly with the poncho, so of course I had to give it a go.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog consistantly, I want to, I really do, but life gets in the way. The once organized girl, seems to falling a part. I want to fix her and I’d love for you to see me come back stronger than ever. So please be patient. Thanks and …

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  1. Good to see that you were able to slip this Blog post in and deal with stress and loving yourself. It may seem like tough times but your beauty still shines through.

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