New Year snow

Columbia jacket helps ring in snow filled 2021

Today marks day one of the year 2021. Everyone bid goodbye to a year that was hard, challenging, and unexpected. And while I’m hopeful that this new year will be better, I’m not sure, as nothing “new” happened at midnight. There’s still an uneasy feeling looming around me, I know I must shake it off, and I will. Trust me, this year will be better, because I’m going to make sure of it. Today’s snow fall made the new year already different. Its changes like these in which we must embrace with joy.

This look is brought to you in cold weather, but it’s filled with that joy, love, and optimism that we all need in order to survive. No longer will I take every circumstance as a challenge that can’t simply be told to “step aside.” So I blogged. With the help of this new coat, gifted to me by the hubs, the snow was beautiful and charming.

The OOTD features this Columbia jacket at knee length, a piece I wanted from the moment October turned cold. Now that it’s in my possession, it has been worn even in mildly cool temperatures. When I woke up to snow packed streets, it was a no brainer to blog.

To complement this look is the beautiful and very warm sweater, a gift from my in-laws. In addition are these Sperry snow boots that keep my toes cozy during cooler days. Lastly and very importantly are the pink socks and sparkly beanie. Items that help bare the cold and give a hint of cool to the look.

My friends, I truly hope this year is filled with love, joy, happiness, and many blessings. We all deserve it.

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