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Les Do Makeup saves me from my creative funk

I have realized that getting inspiration from things you love is the best cure for any rut. And while I’m not HUGE into makeup and anyone who knows me well has already realized that I’m not great at makeup, I do believe it’s a great avenue to find one’s artist inner self. So that’s what I did.

For sometime now, my friends have raved over Les Do Makeup. And if I’m late to joining the party at which is this mega cool chick, let me back up and say that I know I’ve been living under a rock. However can you give me some props for finally jumping on the fangirl bandwagon?

On the eve of New Year’s Eve, I discovered various friends share a Live Facebook, where she’s doing her makeup. I was intrigued and hence my infatuation began. Also hence this post.

Today’s makeup look is inspired by that video and that look, but it has a slight twist. I changed the color of the shimmer shade and also the lip color to something a little bit darker and more Def Leppard. You know me, I still have a some rock n roll in me.

Overall, I’m really having a great time coming back to blogging and filling my void with artists like Les, poems, and music, which help bring me the joy I’ve been lacking. It’s finding pages like hers that bring hope and will me to continue to blog. Here’s to 2021 already pushing me to be a better version of myself.

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